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"The loving and present dance universe that Rikke creates has had a huge liberating effect on me.

I had no idea how much I needed to be more present in my body in a sensing way. Nor did I have any idea, that it would create such a big change in my life - on all levels".


Mariah Lillelund, Lecturer and Change Consultant


Dance at the workplace

Strengthen your community and lift the energy and atmosphere at the workplace with a Conscious Dance process for your team or department.


Do you wish for a more bodily, lively and vigilant starting point for your next kick-off meeting, teambuilding event, morning session or wrap-up meeting?


I plan out each event and course to fit your specific needs. 


At my Conscious Dance workshops and events, you will find:

- a safe space

- movement to music

- meditation in movement and silence

- guides in which everyone can partake

- reflexion and sharing 


ANYONE can participate regardless of physical abilities or prior dance experience.


Contact me for more information at

“Rikke has a unique way for guiding Conscious Dance, polarity workshops, Ritual Play, etc.

Step-by-step she creates a caring, safe, energetic and loving space, where you can allow yourself to feel your body, emotions and moods - and give them an expression. For me, dance is a physical, mental, emotional and existential practice - both individual and relational – which Rikke guides in such a formidable way, that I would dare to follow her to the end of the world!”.

“After a year and a half of Conscious Dancing in the morning with Rikke, I have not been to the chiropractor for more than a year, which I have otherwise been on a regular basis every 8 weeks – for both treatment and prevention - for the last 10 years. My back, neck, lower back and shoulders are feeling wonderful, and I am not for a second in doubt that it is because of dancing. It is also the dancing that takes me from my head into my body, which has a therapeutic effect on stress from work or my private life. The dance offers both grounding, release and euphoria; so after a dance class I bring excitement, serenity and presence to the next activities of the day.”

Charlotte Bie, Project Manager


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Rikke Libak

I regard “the conscious dance floor” as a future way of experiencing a free space and as an antidote to the increasingly stressful everyday lives that many people lead.


My vision is to make Conscious Dance available and relevant for everyone as an opportunity to create more wellbeing and happiness in the individual, as well as more presence and authentic encounters in all relations.


For more than twenty years, I have had an interest in the positive effects of dance and movement. Through my daily practice of Conscious Dance and movement meditation, I see how free movement elicits happiness, presence, creativity and courage. 


On a daily basis, I facilitate drop-in classes and workshops at companies and private events, and I do Conscious Dance at festivals and retreats in Scandinavia. 


My courses and workshops attract a diverse group of people from young yoga practitioners to senior businesspeople who have never done dance before. 


I am a trained nurse and mindfulness instructor (MBSR). I have worked within the field of stress research for several years.

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