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Conscious Dance

Conscious Dance is a guided practice of movement in which we connect to our bodies, to one another and to our surroundings through attention, free movements, dance and silence. 


We create space and opportunity for being open to bodily sense perceptions and atmospheres, and we allow ourselves to be moved by and with the moment. We move to all kinds of music; quiet, lyrical, ethnic and wild – all genres are applicable.


When we dance, some of the attitudes from mindfulness are activated, and we give rise to letting our bodies go, shake, sense, release and move without judging or striving for a goal. With trust and an open mind, we create a safe space together. A safe space and an opportunity to “move from your head down into your body” – where we let go of speech and entrenched norms for how we usually meet, and instead remain open, curious and explorative of what is in motion inside and outside of ourselves IN THE NOW!


Conscious Dance is an opportunity to sense the life that roars in us, and it can be a path to more joy, life, passion and a feeling of solidarity.


No qualifications are needed to participate – everyone can join.


See the calendar for upcoming events. 

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