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Polarity in Practice

Polarity in Practice is for anyone who wishes to cultivate, explore and play with polarity and intimacy in a safe and guided space jointly with others. Together, we explore possibilities of healing and attraction that arise when we cultivate polarity between masculine and feminine poles. The concepts of “masculine/feminine” are used to express two dissimilarly energetic poles that are naturally attracted to one another. It is not gender-specific since everyone possesses both masculine and feminine energy. Each workshop will have different themes with a few basic elements that recur every time. 


We are dedicated to creating a unique, fun and instructive experience. The goal is for everyone to become better at practicing polarity and intimacy in their own lives and with whom they wish. You can join alone, or you can join with a partner. No qualifications are needed to participate.


There are some basic rules: no nudity, no kisses and no touching of intimate body parts. Everything takes place with respect for all those present. We use each other to enter deeper into the mystery of intimacy and attraction, and we learn to consciously navigate in that sphere. This requires a fundamental respect and an open mind. I make these events in collaboration with Jakob Kærgaard (Vitalunit coaching – Courses and Coaching for men).


See the calendar for upcoming events.

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