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Ritual Play

Ritual Play appeals to anyone who wishes to explore interpersonal dynamics with attentiveness as well as conscious and subconscious contact. You can participate alone or with your partner. 


Ritual Play is a non-verbal “play” between two or more people with the purpose of:


  • acquiring new insights into yourself in relation to others

  • experiencing a deeper connection and healing


In Ritual Play, you have the chance to:


  • explore different interpersonal dynamics with attentiveness and conscious contact

  • be intimate with others in a limited space – without an agenda or expectations

  • let your needs, longings and impulses guide your actions without you feeling wrong or judged

  • sense and express your boundaries

  • be authentic and honest in your presence and actions from one moment to the other


We express ourselves and interact with movement, sound and breathing in a limited space (for example two attached yoga mats). The structure of Ritual Play is simple, timed and guided with a set of rules that ensure a safe and instructive space where we only interact when it feels meaningful to do so. 


See the calendar for upcoming events.

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